4pxl Media - Pioneers in delivering Human Centric Design solutions to Automate your Business. Our solutions focus on providing a "symmetric balance" between business needs and client expectations. This is achieved through years of research and practice by understanding and analyzing the behavioral aspects of human Interaction with computers and smart interfaces. We apply our in-house patented 5D model.  

Define  |  Design | Document | Develop | Deliver

Your end to end business is one single storyline.   From receiving a PO until Delivery.   That is why - we believe in our abilities to provide a "single stop solution for all your creative needs"  From Idea generation through the complete product cycle.  We believe that no two customers are the same and hence our expertise is in the field of improving customer experience by providing Intuitive designs that are Simple, Efficient and Easy to use.

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Our team!!!


Founder / Partner/ UX / UI Head
- Over 24 years of experience in the field of customer-centric design and research.
- Certified in UX and UI Design, Print, Branding and Commercial Photography.
Public speaker and Design Consultant.


Founder / Partner/ Software Development Head
Over 15 years as a full stack developer
Expert in Cloud Architecture and solutions for Web and Mobile platforms


Software Architect
UI, Front end Developer SMAC Mobile / Web


Application Developer, Tech lead
Public Speaker, Cloud Expert
.NET , Share Point and Azure, Specialist