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From Start-Ups to Showstoppers! We simplify your creative needs to improve your Customer Satisfaction Score!

Our solutions are based on customer's usability quotient. A process driven system that provides you with maximum clarity on our deliverables with supporting analytics to justify our design fundamentals. A formula that works to deliver a flawless solution to run your business.

We are....

Our Vision, Approach and Delivery Model


Pramodh  PK
Co-founder and CMO

As a Co- founder and  Chief Marketing Executive,  Pramodh  has  a little over 23 years of experience in the field of Brand, Media, Design, User Experience, Product Design, Application Development and Business Development. 

Our Focus


Deriving a design out of every requirement is easier said than done if we do not understand the big picture.  Unlike others, we are not just another design team.   Neither are we focused only on the Customer Experience. Every aspect of your requirement deserves a different proportion of each of these ingredients.. We, at 4pxl Media Lab have an in-depth expertise and knowledge of "How Much"  is the right quantity.  The result is an unique blend of  Design aesthetics and Customer Experience.

Our Approach

4pxl Media focus

What does UI and UX stand for?   A very few people who really understand the design and Usability knows the fact that "UI"  stands for "you" design and "I"  review, while "UX" Stands for We design to the "Unknown (X)"  through the known given sample data. Our Analysis with your sample data is processed through various User Research to  conclude on a perfect amalgam of UI and UX!  Come, Visit us for more!

Our Delivery Model

4pxl Delivery 

From initial discussions until the delivery is a journey we believe is nothing but an obvious cycle in every delivery management.    We at 4PXL Media believe  in Customer Experience and  satisfaction more than just a delivery cycle and we constantly provide you with enhancements and  changes should we  observe a trend that  would improve your  profitability.  With an extensive analytics team to  back, we have data that would talk  for itself and provide you with solutions that are  practical and  stable.