Microframing Vs. Wireframing

Microframing 4pxl

What is Microframing?  

– An ability to  use geometrical shapes as place holders  by means of reference is the new way  to  project rapid visuals to  the customers.  This process would neither need content or the visuals  to  proceed to  the next level of approval while the content and the creatives are  being formed.

There are many ways of projecting a client’s business requirements.  Over the years  Wireframing and  high/ Low fidelity prototyping has been the favorite jargon to demonstrate how a requirement would behave on a digital medium.   What if we  need something even faster when the required information such as content or the Visuals are not available and yet we need to  project  the design flow?  Instant visual design or the “MICROFRAMING”  is the next big thing in the Design world that keeps the clock ticking.   

 With predefined symbols such as  “rectangular box that are color coded”  can be used as universal place holders,  A link can also be denoted as a  blue box, a PPC campaign Ad-material can be a green square box. These  when placed on the canvas with just  geometircal straight lines instead of  content form the creatives for the Digital interface  which can be used to  deliver the design flow  to  the customers  and   accelerate on the  conversions.   This can be follwed by  click through prototypes or the detailed wireframes once we have the supporting data.   For more on Microframing – please reach out to  4pxl team.  


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