Mind over Matter – Think Design

Men are from Mars and Women from Venus! Are we? we don’t know – But we believe in that phrase.. The very basics say we are different. The same goes in the Design world! What is a design? Is it the color? or Is it creativity or Is it the shapes? If you have picked either of these then you are wrong..!!! Its the Mind! What we see is what we Capture, Comprehend, Compare and Conclude. There is nothing called “Design”. Surprised? … It is a combination of our past experiences that converge with our current needs. The net result is a combination both – the corners may get sharper and the curves might get wider. All based on the customer needs and our perceptions based on our prior experience.

It is ignorance to dislodge Design for Creativity – They are miles apart and distinct and yet go hand in hand.

Keep it simple: Understand the audience and their limitations before we act. We are experts the users may not be so!

Seek suggestions but be the decision maker! A wide man once said – all five fingers are not alike but we need them to act and perform. Recommendations comes in various shapes and sizes – Focus on the crux of the requirement and not the one that either demonstrates your talent or is easy to achieve.

Observe and Absorb! Life is beautiful. “Born with a silver spoon” is just a saying. Steel and plastic are also an option. Focus on the customer base and not your boss.

Be bold – it’s your style it is important to prove your point. Confidence and expertise are the two important ingredients to sell your best design. You design May or not be unique but it sells as long as your customer smiles! Explore, Relate and Compare Focus the concept and not the idea! Samsung and Apple – both are smart phones branded different but perform similar operations. Your customer needs may be the same but the business they act may be different. Do not just copy paste.

Selling your stuff you sell well when you know your end user well. It is important we “understand” our customer’s business before we act on his requirements. Remember! Your customer knows his business but may not be a great communicator.

The other side of the coin is also important
. We design, they use. We test they trust. It is important we swap sides and test our deliverables from the customer’s point. Be hard at yourself and make it flawless. Remember – In Airbags we Trust!!!

Conclusion: True design is an ability to let the mind flow like water with no steep curves or rocks. It is an attempt to deliver an experience from the start till finish with no speed breakers in between.

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