The ABC’s of corporate success – Art of Being Confident

We would have come across people who can win over anything.  How many times have we  talked about it?   -  “Man! this guy can speak!”  That’s the answer most of us have when we meet such people.  We often see such people  in higher up in the order of business.  We also  say “ “That’s why he is up there!”  But  how many of us have actually explored the reasons why he is up there and  you are on the other side down below?  Here  are some of the most basic tips for each of you  to  grow to greater  heights.   

  • When we  meet someone on the way  and he shoots a question at you asking for recommendations or suggestions, would you always say “May be”  “I don’t know”  or “I guess”  - This is the first step to  failure.  
  • Step back and think why did  he ask “you”   when there are  many around?   Simple - He would have felt you  might be the right person to give  the answer.  This is “Belief”
  • What would you do  when someone ask you a question and we go past the day?  Do we follow up to  find an answer and  revert?  or forget it and move ahead?  most of us do!  A few who succeed  does it  the other way!
  • They explore, understand and share - with the below  abilities: 
    • Ability to  listen, comprehend, analyze, explore, self-learn and COMMUNICATE
  • Once we close loop on this cycle, the listener not only smiles but also believes that his belief in you was right and is quite dependable…   this is the first step to success  - Earning the Trust
  • Now - what made you speak and  revert?  that’s because you knew the answer.   It is  always the one who knows  the answer who wins.   Once you know the answer, confidence to  speak comes by itself.  
  • You may also  come across people who are amazing speakers and can outwit any one with their language but remember - it is knowledge that  eventually wins.
  • It is not about the Language but about Communication and  Confidence that win over the world.  And communication coms with  “knowledge” 

Now  think about your situation in your office.  Why do you  keep silent at times when your peer or senior asks you to  do  something  even though you are unsure if he is right?  Its not because you are not confident but that you are not sure if  you know the right solution.   Instead - put it across  and convince others  immaterial to  the designation, then people will remember you.  The only thing you should remember is your pitch.  Do not be  aggressive  and always remember your objective is to  put your point across and not your aggression and  arrogance. Success follows when  modesty, confidence and knowledge  blended with the right spirit is served together.  People reach out to  you  because they believe in you.  Revert with a disciplined approach and be grounded.   
Remember : Every situation that comes in front of you  makes you refer  more,

  • Every time you refer more - you analyze more 
  • Every time you analyze more - you learn more 
  • Every time you learn more - you know more 
  • Every time you know more - you solve more  
  • Every time you solve more you get more ...AND...
  • Ever time you get more YOU GROW MORE!!! 

Success is not where you reach but the experience you gather while you grew!


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