The user experience curve – Relativity between Business and Customer Experience.

UX Analysis

The symmetry of time line (x axis) and the complexity of the life cycle (Y-axis) from an opportunity transforming into a solution starts with an opportunity - which is always easy to find .

The complexity grows as we move into ideas phase and the working prototype takes the maximum on y axis which is also shared with the UX. Thus showing that UX takes a key stand in developing a user friendly solution. As we progress from UX to UI and finally to a solution that is usable the time and complexity falls easily in place. This also means we need to invest more time in developing prototype that are user drive and rich is UX to reap between customer scores. On the other hand the upward curve shows Customer Experience impact with a down ward reading on Y (4 being the most complex and 0 being the easiest) Business sells easily if we spend more time in prototyping and UX or is inversely proportionate to the effort invested during the prototype and UX analysis phase. Thus the progression is upward during the time of delivery if we spend more time during the UX.

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