User Behavior and Search Effectivity analysis

search component and user behavior

To Search or Find ! What makes it a great website Interface?
“To search for something means “to try to find something.” Vice versa, to find something doesn’t mean to have searched. Find generally means discover, reach, arrive at, or perceive – source

How many times have we thought about website efficiency and relevant search  results when we use  the search component? The term “SEARCH” is so superfluous that the result often is ambiguous. Meaning – you “May” or “Not” find the expected result. We just “Search” hoping that we find what we need. 

This is often the case when we use a web page that is loosely stitched in terms of Design, content and UX.  Visitors often exit when they do not see results as expected.  The bounce rate on such sites are very high. On the other hand the success of the same search component is very high when the user finds what he is looking for and would love to continue his reading. At this point his motive in using the “Search” is to “FIND”  answers  that help him extend his time spent on the website.  Searches that  display external links needs to  have an effective UI / UX mechanism to pull back those visitors after his objective is met.  The effectiveness of such search components are very high and accurate. This not only improves retention of customers but also improves and exhibits effective use of UX methodologies that truly define a top class design.

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